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Botanical NameCommon NameIndicatorPrice/lb.Availability
Bidens cernuaNodding Bur-marigoldOBL$125
Upon Request
Caltha palustrisMarsh marigoldOBL$495Sold Out
Carex comosaCosmos SedgeOBL$109Sold Out
Carex crinitaFringed SedgeOBL$109Harvested
Carex greyiGrey SedgeFACW$95Sold Out
Carex lupulinaHop SedgeOBL$65Sold Out
Carex luridaLurid SedgeOBL$52Sold Out
Carex stipataAwl SedgeOBL$139Harvested
Carex strictaTussock SedgeOBL$43511 lbs.
Carex vulpinoideaFox SedgeOBL$25Sold Out
Eupatorium maculatumSpotted Joe-Pye WeedFACW$185Sold Out
Eupatorium perfoliatumBonesetFACW$149Sold Out
Glyceria canadensisRattle Snake GrassOBL$129Sold Out
Glyceria grandisAmerican MannagrassOBL$115Harvested
Glyceria striataFowl MannagrassOBL$225Harvested
Juncus effususSoft RushFACW+$39Sold Out
Leersia oryzoidesRice Cut-grassOBL$65Sold Out
Mertensia virginicaVirginia BluebellsFACW$775Sold Out
Mimulus ringensSquare-Stem Monkey FlowerOBL$139Sold Out
Peltandra virginicaArrow ArumOCL$9.50250 lbs.
Pontederia cordataPickerelweedOBL$65Sold Out
Sagittaria latifoliaDuck PotatoOBL$100Upon Request
Saururus cernuusLizard TailFACW$250Sold Out
Scirpus acutusHard-stemmed BulrushOBL$195Sold Out
Scirpus atrovirensGreen BulrushOBL$95Sold Out
Scirpus cyperinusWoolgrassFACW$8935 lbs.
Scirpus validusSoft-stem BulrushOBL$225Sold Out
Senecio aureusGolden RagwortFACW$400Sold Out
Sparganium americanumEastern Bur-reedOBL$893.5 lbs.
Sparganium eurycarpumGiant Bur-reedOBL$75Sold Out
Spartina pectinataPrairie CordgrassFACW$65Sold Out
Verbena hastataBlue VervainFACW$39Sold Out
Verbesina alternifoliaWingstemFACW$9515 lbs.
Vernonia noveboracensisNew York Iron WeedFACW+$149Sold Out

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Botanical NameCommon Name12"18"24"36"48"
Alnus incanaSpeckled Alder$.50$.70$.85$1.15$1.50
Cephalanthus occidentalisButton Bush$.50$.70$.85$1.15$1.50
Cornus amomumSilky Dogwood$.50$.70$.85$1.15$1.50
Cornus racemosaGray Dogwood$.50$.70$.85$1.15$1.50
Cornus sericeaRed Osier Dogwood$.50$.70$.85$1.15$1.50
Salix exiguaSandbar Willow$.50$.70$.85$1.15$1.50
Salix nigraBlack Willow$.50$.70$.85$1.15$1.50
Salix sericeaSilky Willow$.50$.70$.85$1.15$1.50
Sambucus canadensisElderberry$.50$.70$.85$1.15$1.50
Viburnum dentatumArrowwood$.50$.70$.85$1.15$1.50

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